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Basics of English Usage

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The Course

Module 1: Articles
When to use a, an, or the; count vs measured nouns; known vs unknown topics; special cases: few, little, better, best, next, last; exceptions.

Module 2: Prepositions
When to use in, on, and at; correct prepositions for phrases common in writing at work; unique idioms; exceptions.

Module 3: Adjectives
Phrases with prepositions about, for, of, to, and with.

Module 4: Nouns
Phrases with prepositions of, in, for, and with.

Module 5: Verbs
Phrases with prepositions; unique phrasal verbs; phrasal verbs that use up and get; phrasal-prepositional verbs.

Module 6: Expressions
Unique phrases grouped by keywords: loop, touch, picture, boat, come, out, play, pull, see; unique words such as ballpark and brainstorm.

Module 7: Slang
Phrases commonly understood in North America, as well as some phrases from England and Australia.


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